Our plot at the Experimental College gardens did really well this winter! I mostly have Mandi and Vicken to thank since they did most of the planting when I was busy in September. I did at least do some watering before the rains came in November. We got a lot of joy choi, chard, and cabbage in the fall. Recently we have been getting broccoli, carrots, beets, and still more chard. I picked these veggies just last week.

As we are harvesting these vegetables, the bees are busy pollinating flowers, some of which will become our summer fruits. I got a few shots of honeybees (and one carpenter bee!) on the flowering vine and rosemary in the front yard.

Check out the pollen load on this bee’s back!

I can’t help but call the bees adorable! Take a look at the flowers blooming where you are and see what you find! So far I have seen mostly honeybees, but this Xylocopa has been around for a few days and there was also a sweat bee here the other day. It’s nice to have a lot of “faces” to associate with the fruit you enjoy later in the summer!